Hi! My name is Daniel Ukiri and I am the creator of Dukiri Apparel. This brand is about encouraging others to express themselves and share their creativity with others. It is a combination of an artist's mind with the power of fashion. I have been creating art since I was four years old and have never looked back. When I enrolled in the University at Buffalo in 2018, I wanted to share my art with the world but I had to think of how.  I  had always felt this way but the urge really hit me in my sophomore year. I came up with designing clothes as I am a college student and clothing is one of the most affordable products for me. Naturally, the majority of my designs were a perfect fit for streetwear so I wanted to focus on that. At the same time, I wanted my art to be available to all regardless of age so making my art as prints(canvas, murals e.t.c)  was the solution. We all decorate our homes with art and some of us decorate our bodies in art whether it is a tattoo or what we put on.


My personal artist statement is Art is an addiction, it is dynamic and forever changing. What this means is that we have an insatiable thirst for art. It continues to evolve and be produced in many forms. It has now become digital and interactive which was not the case a couple of years ago.